Essential Oil Diffusers/Humidifiers

Essential oils are well known for their beautiful fragrances and therapeutic benefits that can heal the mind, body, and spirit. Imagine coming home after a stressful day, and as you breathe in the uplifting scents of Lavander, Rose, Patchouli or  Jasmine,  you experience a relaxing feeling of well-being.

While there are many ways of enjoying the sensory delights of essential oils such as lighting a scented candle, burning incense sticks, or using a reed diffuser, the most efficient way is to use an oil diffuser.

Oil burners also known as tea light burners use heat to cause the oil to disperse into the air, and they work quite effectively. But tea light burners use a naked flame as their heat source, so they can be dangerous if you leave them unattended, and they can also be messy from the build-up of oil. Another problem with using heat-based oil burners is that they are continuously heating the essential oils, so they can change the nature and properties of the oils, thereby limiting the oil's effectiveness.

An oil diffuser is one of the most efficient and cleanest ways of dispersing the oil into the air. The oil diffuser uses ultrasonic technology or controlled movement of air, and all you have to do is mix in a few drops of the concentrated essential oil with water (depending on the type of diffuser) into the tank, and the diffuser sends out a cool scented mist into the room.